@ Sky Garden. October, 2017.

My name is Francesca and I am an MA student at Roehampton University, in South West London. This city has always been a great goal for me and last September I was offered a place to continue my education and I just could not miss this unique chance. I have always wanted to give this blog a go, I had written down many ideas and plans, changed a few names and imagined my posts but I had never felt like it was the right moment. Now I just stopped procrastinating (yes, one of my favourite habits. Sounds cool, right?!) and I decided to start, in what is probably the busiest time of the year for a student abroad: relentless assignments, upcoming deadlines, last classes and the dissertation approaching.

But why am I starting this? In this hectic world we live, almost anyone feels the need to share contents online about what they are doing, where they are, even what they are eating. I am an affectionate fan of Social Media platforms, but at some point, I felt like I wanted to have a say and not just post what I was doing or writing some quick caption on Instagram. I wanted to express my love for what I do and what I experience here, even just to collect good memories. Also, I find this online platform, like WordPress for instance, particularly useful and related to my future (imminent!) career and possibilities.

Let’s start talking about me. I am 22 years old (almost 23, unfortunately), I am Italian (or Sicilian I should say), which is something I am absolutely proud of, and I have been living in London for exactly 6 months and 2 days now. I am young but goal-oriented, I graduated at 21 in Palermo and I got a Degree at a private University for Interpreters and Translators, which I loved to attend and learn from. I love languages and translation, and since I am always looking for something new and something forward, I am currently going beyond and practising Transcreation, which I absolutely adore, in this brand new master called “Intercultural Communication in the Creative Industries”.

I am stubborn, both a perfectionist and an absolute mess, passionate about what I do and what I love. Sensitive, dreamer, risk-taker and goal-oriented. Pastel colours obsessed, food lover, traveller since I was 2. In love with life, deep feelings, positive thinking. I believe in achieving my dreams, in the power of true friendship and I believe in José Mourinho as well.

Why London? I was in the first year of Middle School when I visited London for the first time. So cold, yet so beautiful, I spent NYE with my parents, crossing Hyde Park and watching the Christmas lights all over the beautiful city, chasing squirrels and being amazed by the National History Museum. I fell in love with London there (and many, many other times…. but this is another story) and I still haven’t fallen out of love. London is definitely my city and is teaching me how to be a strong, independent woman who does what she wants and has no fears.

What am I going to blog about? My passions and the worlds I have always gravitated around: travelling, discovering new places, football, languages and cultures, food, art, music, even fashion lately. Anything in London can be attractive and can catches my attention. Whether I will talk about that one spot with flowers to have brunch in London, or about my views, I will try to do my best and write down how I feel about it.

PS: I forgot to mention that English is not my first language, so be patient and be good to me. With a background in languages and being a perfectionist, I am always wondering if I am expressing my ideas in the right way. However, I am always willing to grow and learn, therefore don’t hesitate to correct my mistakes and give the advice I probably need.




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