#youvejustbeenpoked: Ahi Poké, a little taste of Hawaii in London

I knew straight away that most of my posts would revolve around good food spots in London. And since I love food, and I love wandering around my favourite city, I want to share with you all a little gem that I happened to discover and try yesterday for the first time.

Ahi poké is a healthy Hawaiian fast food, whose aim is indeed to give London “a little taste of Hawaai”, as one of their slogans says.


Located at 3, Percy Street (Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street are the closest Underground Stations), it serves bowls with the freshest ingredients, for a quick break in the heart of London.


The rules to build the bowl of your choice are simple: choose your base (quinoa, rice or kale), choose your fresh fish (salmon, ahi tuna or shrimps) or veggie option, add your sauce (sesame shoyu, sweet ponzu, sriracha mayo, leche de tigre or black chili) and end everything with your favourite toppings (fried onion, edamame, avocado, cashew nut, radish, chili grapefruit, coriander, confit ginger, pineapple, carrot and kimchee cucumber).

This signature bowl is one of the options already available. Heat Wave includes Salmon, Avocado, Quinoa, Red Onion, Kimchee Cucumber and Coriander, dressed with Sriracha Mayo (I added the edamame in my bowl).

After customising your bowl, you can enjoy your tasty, healthy and colourful meal in the calm and peaceful cool blue of the fast food walls. The interior is decorated with neon surfboards, and the names of the signature bowls, together with other details, are all recalling the Pacific Ocean.


If you are passionate about sea and raw fish, you’ll fall in love with this tiny spot, which is a must-visit.

Fresh fish, Hawaiian vibes: Why isn’t it summer yet?

Feel free to share, like and comment the post. Also, if you try Ahi Poké, let me know what you think and what you have. Check their website out.


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