Sud Italia: Wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza Truck at East London Old Spitalfields Market


Here I am, back to my blogging schedule, after a busy month of exams, decisions, meetings, night-outs, food, food and again…food. It looks like my latest blog feeds keep focusing on food at the moment. Should I be ashamed? I am not!

I am getting ready to go back to Italy for Summer, something that an Italian person can’t definitely miss. And while I crave Italian food and the beautiful beaches waiting for me in sunny Sicily, in the meantime, I will keep blogging about the places I have discovered in London and my adventures in the British capital. And if you are still wondering why I opened this blog, the answer is just the following: I am doing what I love, and basically wandering, exploring and writing about it and everything I like make me happy.

Wandering in East London at Old Spitalfields Market.

Today I want to introduce you to one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten in London (expect a proper guide to eat pizza in London soon!!): Sud Italia.


I was walking through the stalls at Old Spitalfields Market in East London last week when I came across this food truck that I had always seen on Instagram, but never tried and met before. What could an Italian do at 12 am in front of a striking blue food truck serving mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza? I bet you all must know the answer: I could not help but stopping and trying their Margherita, simply the Queen of all pizzas.

A mouth-watering Margherita, the Queen of all pizzas, recalling the Italian flag colours.

There I stopped. Ordered a Margherita, ate it on the spot, from the oven directly to my mouth, or belly if you prefer! Oven, you got it right: the secret is the authentic and traditional firewood oven, making a real Neapolitan pizza in front of you in a bunch of minutes. I could not remember waiting for a long time, I was already daydreaming of this pizza when it arrived, ready and steaming, in the colours of the Italian flag: white mozzarella cheese, red tomato sauce and green basil. All the ingredients melted in my mouth, from the soft and wood-fired dough to the mozzarella cheese and the delicious tomato sauce. What an experience for an Italian living abroad!

Sud Italia’s secret:  an authentic firewood oven in the heart of Old Spitalfields Market.
A rich menu of pizzas from the Neapolitan tradition.

Sud Italia serves a menu of genuine pizzas, using only Italian top quality ingredients. As the signs of the above picture say, you can find classic Margherita, Capricciosa, Marinara, N’duja, Diavola, Zucca and even some Specials. From the streets of Naples to one of the most famous markets in London. Find these guys at Sud Italia Pizza, Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, E1 6EA, London or online here and eat the best street food you can ever find in London!

Once again, a sun-kissed Margherita in all its beauty (I’m so Italian!!)

Neapolitan Street Food has my heart.

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One thought on “Sud Italia: Wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza Truck at East London Old Spitalfields Market

  1. It’s great and relieving to read about good Italian places in London. Most people who have lived there all their lives don’t even have a clue. Great job, sis! Keep it up ❤️💪🏼
    Luv ya


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